Wednesday, January 21, 2009

..... Winter Wonderland .....

Okay, I know by now you are probably tired of seeing everybody post snow pictures on their blog.... This is precisely why I feel bad about this post... We were hit with a pretty major snowstorm here yesterday. We got 4 inches and a few spots got 6 inches... This is a very rare event when you live down south as we do now... I think their last snow storm was about 5-10 years ago... I'd like to think we brought it down with us from Maryland since we have only lived here a year and a half...but I know there are other forces at work... Anyway, everything looks so beautiful ... so I really had to post these pictures today!
I really regret knocking that hunky picture of Heathcliff off the top of my blog... I could sit and stare at him for days...without my husband knowing, of course... just kidding!
I do have to admit...I caught myself on a little while ago...
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