Monday, January 12, 2009

....... Fresh Ebay Listings .......

Hello Y' All !!

It's Monday again so for me that means listing on Ebay...It's a habit I'm afraid I have fallen into at the moment. I don't know how but it just happened !! Anyway, there's two great primitive dolls over there you can take a peek at.....

I have some dolls made and pictures taken for my website but I probably won't be able to list them until Wednesday...They are so primitive and kinda different in style...I think they would look wonderful in any primitive home...Don't forget to check them out Wednesday evening!!!

Thanks so much for visiting my humble blog today...I really appreciate it!

Take Care,


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Robin's Egg Bleu said...

Your work is wonderful, and I was thrilled to hear Constant Sorrow, I just LOVE that movie and it's my favorite song on the track!