Friday, December 12, 2008

..... It's The Most Busiest Time of The Year.....

Whew! This has to be one of the most taxing months of the year...It seems that there's always some little detail that pops into my mind during this time of the year...even for a low key Christmas... I remembered this morning that the car should have an oil change...I didn't really want to go anywhere but Mondays are usually my listing day for Ebay and I wanted to have it I went...I can tell it's Christmastime because the traffic has increased tenfold...a little mission like mine was delayed some in fighting traffic and crowds...While out, I picked up a couple of small gifts for the family...It's nice to have a little something under the tree...The kids are beginning to think I'm a scrooge this year because they don't see the usual shiny boxes ...Just for the record, I'm not...I'm just much more restrained this go round! ~ My parents just left early this morn after a very brief visit...they don't like to leave their home and start talking about when they plan to go back as soon as they arrive! It makes for a very tense stay because I always try to talk them into staying a little never works....Despite that, we had a good time...We went to my daughter Rebecca's concert ~ she plays the violin in the school orchestra and it's so nice to go to these events every year...A very funny thing though ~ every year it never fails...we get hit by some torrential rainmaker ...I think I would be at a loss for words if we actually had a clear night next year! I will be outside tonight looking for that super big moon that only happens ever so often...Luckily, tonight will be clear enough to see it... Thanks for stopping by and reading my humble blog...I really appreciate it!
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Suzanne said...

Hi Tina~This time of year does seem busier...concerts, shopping, etc. I wouldn't mind having a snow storm (which is predicted for us) just to keep us all at home!
Merry Christmas, and I hope you are able to spend some quiet time with your family this season.