Thursday, October 23, 2008

Computer Battle

Just to let everyone know... I have been having a knock down drag out fight with my computer!

It always seems as if they are indestructable when you get think, perfect did I pick such a gem? But slowly, over time, that gem becomes clogged with junk and cookies and germs...then your computer becomes the worst pain you could ever imagine. There's 4 of us here and we all share one home computer...I'd like to blame it on one of them visiting "I-tunes" or "youtube"...but you never know...

Anyway, without jinxing anything...I think we are reigning it under control...I couldn't even get onto this page a few days ago...I call that progress!! I hope things will improve computer-wise because I have ebay listings and a first time ever sale on my website...

Please bear with me if you are dealing with me at the present time...I have my husband working over time on this ...before we have to call the geeks!!

Take Care,


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