Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lemon Poppy Seeds Update ~ September

Waa-Haa-Ha!!! Another evil deadline has been met. By the way, that was my evil laugh in the beginning... I didn't think I was going to be able to do it...Two hours ago I was sitting in my chair trying to force myself to get outside and take pictures. It's usually the last step that's always the zinger for me....I work and assemble and tweak and then all that's left is the final step...the one I always drag my feet!!! I have never been a camera fanatic. When the kids were young, the camera was always the last thing on my mind. Events would come and go and I would have them emblazoned in my memory. Forgetting the function of a camera and the need to use it...When I did remember to use one...we would have a drawer full of the things...until I finally broke down and developed them!! My history with the camera is not a pretty one...I'll admit...One of these days I'll come to terms with the usefulness and purpose of this elusive gadget!!!Please hop over and check out my latest listings at Lemon Poppy Seeds...I'm working on two completely new fall items for Eclectic Artisans coming up next week...I'll be listing a few new items on Ebay tomorrow if all goes well... so be watchin there!! ~ Whew~ Take Care,Tina

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