Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Updates Coming!

I have had this incredible burst of energy for the past few days... I don't know why but I won't question it !! Dolls are starting to pile up in the living room. I'm still limited in what I can do and will be for the next couple of weeks, but I'm so happy about what I've done so far. Expect major updates on the website and picturetrail in the very near future...If my stamina and energy continues I'll be running around here in a blur!! LOL

We had such a nice day today with low humidity and nice rolling clouds. Some like bright sunny days but I really love the cloudy and overcast ones. They give you a calm and peaceful feeling inside...almost cozy... I spent most of the morning on my back porch cleaning some new chalkware pieces. The birds were chirping and a nice cool breeze was stirring the windchimes, it was great. Oh and "Yard Kitty" was out there too...She's a tabby cat that the former owners took care of here. She's sweet and she rolls and meows when you talk to her but she is a little too wild to let you touch her...we make sure her little tummy is full...Although I have seen her catch a few birds and squirrels...I guess you just can't beat fresh meat... Cats will be Cats!!!

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