Monday, June 2, 2008

Happy June!!

I have been pretty busy lately trying to get some things together before my operation. I hate to keep bringing this up but the last surgery I had was when I was 9 years old and they removed my tonsils...hospitals and surgery have been like distant relatives to me...I know they are there and I don't want to talk about them... However, I try to keep my thoughts in a happy place while secretly counting down the days...See?...Hopeless! LOL I'll try not to keep mentioning the "S" word...

Anyway, I know we are about to step into summer here but my mind is drifting towards Halloween...I have a few pumpkin dolls in different stages now and will be listing one tomorrow night on Ebay if everything goes as planned. Please be watchin...okay?

I opened an Etsy shop last month and still need to get around to putting something in it! It's on my "To Do " list. Plans are to add stuff over the summer for Fall...I will be getting busier soon...once the" you know what" happens and I can concentrate once again...

Take Care,


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